The Short And The Tall

Two guys that make indiegames

Good news, everyone – THE BODY CHANGER & EFFING DEAD


The time is come for the THE BODY CHANGER – Go and read the BLOG POST!
And finally THE BODY CHANGER is on STEAM! Go now and support!

EFFING DEAD UPDATE: Our  OPEN BETA is ready to download – VERSION 0.8.9.

TheShortAndTheTall is a small indiegames team from Italy, made of two Nice guys, Alessio (the short one) and ALberto (the tall one).
There is not too much to write about us, really. But if you are reading this, then you know we are in some way similar.  Look in the mirror and you will see a face as we see every day: the kind of person that spends a lot of time in front of their PC, has maybe a 3-4 (5?) days growth on their face (unless you’re a lady; in which case, “welcome”), likes to try different genres, and remembers at least one game that in some way changed their life.
And, most of all, we will share the same love for video-games in general.
We choose to go a bit further and start to develop our ideas and concepts – we hope you like what you see and give it a try, it’s what we are obsessed with.
That’s why we don’t sleep too much and our minds are, for the most part of the day, focused on our projects.
That’s all, if you like follow us here on our blog and stay tuned for some news and, of curse, games.